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    Build the world's top sports flooring material manufacturers

    At the beginning of the establishment of the company, JRace on the future blueprint is quite clear. JRace in the sports flooring focused on research and innovation,research and development of high quality products of confidence and determination,determined to become the world’s top sports flooring manufacturer.

           In the past few years, JRace is attention to research and development, it finished 20items, 5items got the National Patent,which the Silicon PU and PU athletic tracks product have been identified as High-Tech products, JRace sports flooring materials passed IAAF,ITF,China Environmental Labeling Certificate. In 2014 JRace is listed the National High-Tech enterprises.
           With high quality high-tech products and sincere service attitude, JRace won the trust and support of all the partners.Guangzhou JRace Athletic Facilities co ltd is steadily carried out in the development of international sports industry.
           In the future, JRace will uphold the human-base, technology-base and specialization concept, to create the best sports flooring,and strive to create the sports flooring with professional, security, passionate and fashion sense. 

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